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New Standard: Elevating the Cannabis Experience in Michigan

New Standard: Michigan’s Premier Cannabis Dispensary

New Standard has quickly become a household name in Michigan’s burgeoning cannabis industry. Founded with a vision to redefine the dispensary experience, New Standard has set out to create a welcoming and educational environment for both seasoned cannabis enthusiasts and curious newcomers alike.

A Blossoming Beginning

Established in 2020, New Standard entered the market at a pivotal time when Michigan was embracing the legalization of recreational cannabis. The founders, a group of local entrepreneurs with diverse backgrounds in business, healthcare, and horticulture, saw an opportunity to elevate the cannabis retail experience beyond the typical dispensary model.

Cultivating Excellence

From the outset, New Standard committed to sourcing only the highest quality cannabis products. They forged partnerships with Michigan’s top cultivators and processors, ensuring that their shelves were stocked with a curated selection of premium flower, edibles, concentrates, and topicals. This dedication to quality quickly earned them a reputation as a go-to destination for discerning cannabis consumers.

Education at the Forefront

What truly sets New Standard apart is their unwavering commitment to education. Recognizing that the world of cannabis can be overwhelming for many, they have made it their mission to demystify the plant and its various consumption methods. Their knowledgeable staff, affectionately known as “budtenders,” undergo rigorous training to provide customers with accurate information and personalized recommendations.

Community Engagement

New Standard believes in being more than just a retail outlet. They have actively integrated themselves into the fabric of Michigan communities by:

  • Hosting educational seminars and workshops
  • Partnering with local charities and organizations
  • Supporting Michigan-based cannabis brands and businesses
  • Advocating for responsible cannabis use and policy reform

Expanding Horizons

What began as a single location has blossomed into a network of dispensaries across Michigan. New Standard’s expansion has been strategic and thoughtful, ensuring that each new location maintains the high standards and personalized touch that customers have come to expect.

Looking to the Future

As the cannabis industry continues to evolve, New Standard remains at the forefront of innovation. They are continuously exploring new products, technologies, and services to enhance the customer experience. With a finger on the pulse of industry trends and a commitment to their core values, New Standard is poised to remain Michigan’s premier cannabis dispensary for years to come.

In just a few short years, New Standard has redefined what it means to be a cannabis dispensary in Michigan. By combining quality products, exceptional customer service, and a genuine commitment to education and community engagement, they have set a new standard for the industry – living up to their name in every sense.